Innovating Smart Sensing

Sensing IC

OPNOUS provides sensing IC & Systems including Smart ToF, 3D Imaging Processing, Illumination Driver and Visible Medical & Systems.


OPNOUS provides a full set of Algorithm & Solutions for 3D Face Recognition, 3D Gait Recognition, 3D Gesture Recognition, 3D SLAM Recognition.

Smart IoT

OPNOUS provides turn-key smart sensing solutions for Robotics, Smart Home, Smart Shopping, Smart Surveillance, Smart Driving, ARVR portable devices, etc.

ToF IC & System

OPNOUS provides a full set of ToF IC & System solutions including 100x100, 240x100, 240x200, 320x240, customized and coming high resolution, etc. 

Module Solutions

OPNOUS provides customized small lens module design and solutions for different applications to optimize the sensing performance.

System Solutions

OPNOUS provides full system solutions including IC, PCB, Lens, Lighting, Algorithm, Software design and Manufactures.