Present Optical Intelligence

Exhibit in Sensor China

OPNOUS presents in Sensor China on Sept 9-12, will showcase smart sensing products including ToF, 3D sensing & systems.

3D Face Solution

OPNOUS provides the best ToF 3D Face sensing and modeling solutions with in-house ToF ICs.

China-Israel IoT& AI Conf

OPNOUS presents in the First China-Israel IoT & AI Conference with advanced Smart 3D sensing technology.

3D Modeling & Tracking

OPNOUS presents 3D Modeling & Tracking solutions with in-house ToF IC & System Technology.

ToF IC & System

OPNOUS presents a full Turn-key solutions of ToF IC & System including IC, Module, Algorithm, HW, SW & Applications.

Exhibit in CES

OPNOUS exhibits in CES 2018 with demos and solutions of smart sensing, 3D modeling solution, ToF IC and sensors.